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Form you now with CURMAC ELEVACIO and our courses.

To whom it is addressed: individuals, freelancers and companies staff.

Consider that it action formative studied of common agreement brings to the company, advantages strategic whose results positive are quantifiable according to them following considerations:

-Compliance provable of the existing normative in prevention of risks, both what is indicates in the law of prevention of risks labour 31 / 95, as in the REAL Decree 1215 BOE 7 of August 1997, corresponding to the transposition of the directive machines , with particular mention of the forklifts, in your point 1 of paragraph 2 corresponding to annex II of the Royal Decree 1215 / 1997, exposes: conditions of use of mobile, self-propelled work equipment or not: "The driving equipment of work automotive will be reserved to the workers that have received a training specifies for the driving safe of those teams of work".

- Our technical vocation and dedication prevention is clearly highlighted by the GENERALITAT DE CATALUNYA than manifest : "recognize the work of the company IFTEM in the prevention of occupational risks of forklift operators training" which is reflected on the back of certificates deliver

- Availability on your company's core staff trained and certified. To the end his training this personal is aware that should develop their work with professionalism, with security and with quality. All the personal formed performs an evaluation by written and practice, that is incorporates to the dossier that receives the company and that includes the report of each course: Control of assistance, Control of the material delivered, and documentation photographic corresponding to all and each one of the assistants to the same. emits the relevant certified rated by student approved, signed by the Fédération européenne of the Manutention and approved by the ICIL. These certificates are delivered to the company for the purpose that it deems appropriate.

- Optimization and monetization of the equipment used in your company to carry out the physical flow of materials since we teach to properly perform the tasks increasing their competence, and trained persons working in maintenance and adequacy of their equipment to the task in each cycle or specific activity.

- The experience of more than thirty-five thousand certificates in all the sectors and activities that uses forklifts

Place of the training:

Courses will be held in the premises of CURMAC ELEVACIO, S.L., located in the poligono Venta Nova, Parcela 2  Camarles (Tarragona), or for businesses with more than 8 workers operators of machine / s, will teach les courses in their own facilities and with their machinery.

Typology of courses:

Course of forklift
Course of boom lifts
Course of telehandler
Course of excavation

The courses has a duration of 15 / 20 hours distributed in: 10 hours of theoretical in prevention of risks labor and technology of machinery and 10 hours of training practice on the machine forklift.

AVAILABLE grant from the Social security of 100% of the cost of the course for companies, depending on the size of the company, and provided that the company has available balance of the Social Security bonus. Not available to self-employed or private subsidy.

For more information about the courses and our promotions:

Phone: 977471909

Persona de contacto: Nicoleta Rosca ,

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